publishing photoI do help manage the careers of several authors, and I do work with some traditional big four publishers on specific projects. That said, I would like to point out a statistic from “Data Guy” and Hugh Howey’s project that show that only about 3,500 authors in the world make a living from self publishing. Currently, the self-publishing world is dominated by liars who would like you to think that if you buy their courses, you can make money as easy as American Apple Pie or a British Belvoir Crumpets. Vanity “publishers” have fleeced authors for millions of dollars.

Be advised, the best thing you can do to help your author career is to work on writing, to take writing courses, and improve your craft. 99% of the books being released in self-publishing these days are pure crap, simply because authors have focused on everything BUT writing. Being a web designer or marketer will not help you write better books.

My friends at Penguin and other publishers don’t take self publishers seriously for this reason.

And then you have Amazon, which has cannibalized its author base. While authors have naively trusted Amazon, suddenly a lot of new imprints appeared under Amazon, and indie book sales went down in double digits. There has been a huge decrease in indie book sales. Meanwhile, Amazon is cleaning up by siphoning readers away from the indie market and towards specific imprints that Amazon owns, which follow the traditional publishing model. I’ve been saying for years that authors should not trust Amazon, and don’t trust the partners of Amazon. There is no loyalty in the self-publishing world.

At the same time, “book marketers” are selling courses for $500, promising you that if you pay the money for the course, you’ll find success. What a joke, and yet thousands of authors are making these shysters rich.

This is the state of self publishing today.

My advice to authors is to focus on writing, keep improving your craft, and stop writing the short, quick trash books that tend to fill the current self-publishing arena.