About David Lieder

David Lieder

David Lieder

Writer, Producer, Music Composer

bliterally theDavid Lieder is known mostly for his work as a composer and pianist, having performed thousands of concerts, hundreds of television appearances, and having recorded several well-respected piano albums over the years. His work as a keyboard artist began with his extensive classical piano training as a child, and progressed to rock and jazz piano stylings as a teenager.

He recorded and produced his first pop music album at age 15 in the Christian Contemporary market. As a teenager, David performed as the keyboardist for the popular teen band “8-Ball” which was funded by Randy Meisner from “The Eagles” (Hotel California). “8-Ball” was fronted by guitarist Chris Eicher, with bassist Joel Kuxhausen, and drums by Randy’s son Dana Meisner.

At age 16, David became active in the Evangelical Christian movement, and focused on working in radio and the Nashville-based Christian music industry.

David recorded and performed for one year with the well-known Southern Gospel group “The Rock City Boys”, touring all the time throughout the Eastern United States from Texas to Illinois, Florida to North Carolina.

He disagreed with many political and religious beliefs that the Evangelical churches were promoting, and so at age 28 David decided to explore other philosophical ideas such as Buddhism, Wicca and Rosicrucianism (Esoteric Philosophy).

David would later record six solo albums with lyrics focusing on politics, neo-pagan spirituality and love. This era of six albums included “Overdosing On The American Dream”, and the style has been described by some people as being a combination of pop and psychedelic rock.

He also was a member of the band Seraphim with Jemal-Wade Hines (of HuDost). 

Throughout his life, David also started many business ventures. He has had many successful small business startups, including a press release company from 2009 to 2012 that worked with literally hundreds of businesses and famous internet marketers.

Currently he is a co-founder of the Game Gang company and is directing the game design of the ‘Karma Guardians’ video game project. He says of the project: “I coded and designed my first original video game when I was 12 years old, and my second when I was 13. So the Karma Guardians project is from a long interest I’ve had in designing games. The KG project is also the natural progression of the last five years when I studied hard-core modern video game design, as well as music composition and audio.” 

His work as a writer of science fiction novels began at age 13 when he co-wrote a novel with a classmate for a school project. The teacher said: “I didn’t really think you would write a whole book!”

David’s science fiction franchise “The Golden Shield” is birthed in his books about Orenlone, which is also the focus of the theater-style audio show in podcast format, also called “Orenlone”.